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Yotam Asscher, Ph.D

Director of the Analytical Laboratory at the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).


Yotam Asscher's main interests are analytical studies in the fields of micro-archaeology in the field and conservation studies in the museum environment.  His current work focuses on developing non-invasive material characterization methods for archaeological and conservation sciences.


His post-doc position was at the Geosciences department in the University of Padova, Italy, on conservation of frescoes in Pompeii under the supervision of Professor Gilberto Artioli.


He graduated from Tel Aviv University with a BSc in chemistry in 2006 and a MS in archaeology in 2014, and graduated from the Weizmann Institute with a MSc in chemistry in 2011 and a PHD in chemistry in 2015.


Some of his more recent works explore hydraulic mortars and plasters for radiocarbon dating, multispectral characterization of pigments, bone-like material structures and applications to assess their preservation state in archaeology, and the absolute chronology of the Late Bronze to Iron Age transition in ancient Canaan.


He has been awarded the 2012 ADAR Foundation Scholarship and the 2012 Salim and Rachel Benin Foundation Scholarship, and Awarded for Best Performance by the IAA in 2019.


Yotam Asscher lives in Mazliach, Israel.

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