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The IAA Analytical Laboratory

About the Lab

The new IAA Analytical Laboratory, established in 2018, carries out chemical and mineralogical analyses of various archaeological finds. Our team of highly motivated researchers with various academic backgrounds all share a common goal: to set up an analytical infrastructure that brings a new approach into rescue excavations and promote a new field of heritage research in Israel.  The lab is comprised of two parts: a stationary lab, and a mobile on-site lab.

Stationary Lab

Our stationary laboratory is equipped with heavy instruments, providing high resolution microscopy for chemical and mineralogical mapping. 

Mobile On-site Lab

Our mobile lab is the first of its kind in Israel. It facilitates on-site analyses, improving the characterization of finds for prescreening potential research questions and influencing excavation strategies.

mobile lab (2000x1335).jpeg

Our Research


Our projects are in collaboration with researchers from:

  • Hebrew University (mortars, plasters and pigments)

  • Haifa University (Archaeometallurgy)

  • The Geological Survey of Israel  (OSL dating)

  • The Weizmann Institute (14C dating)

  • Ben Gurion University (ceramic artefacts)

  • Tel Aviv University (Conservation science)

  • University of Padova, Italy (Mortars and plasters)

  • Getty Institute, USA (Conservation science)

  • Bordeaux University, France (Mortars and plasters)

Current Projects

​Our lab is currently involved in projects that focus on:

  • Mortars and plasters materials

  • Pigments, wall paintings and mosaics

  • Metal, bone, ceramic and stone artefacts

  • Archaeometallurgy

  • Microarchaeological study of sediments and micro-components

  • Hydraulic installations

  • OSL dating

  • 14C dating

  • Geoarchaeology

  • Conservation science

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in our research.

Hamarpe 5, Jerusalem 9777405

+972 52 428 4402

Thanks for contacting the IAA Analytical Lab.

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