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Research & Publications

Our lab focuses on studying materials of cultural heritage to answer questions in archaeology and conservation while developing non-invasive material characterization on-site methodologies.



Yotam Asscher, Ivana Angelini, Michele Secco, Matteo Parisatto, Antonina Chaban, Rita Deiana, Gilberto Artioli. 2021. Mineralogical interpretation of multispectral images: the case study of the pigments in the frigidarium of the Sarno Baths, Pompeii. Journal of Archaeological Science: reports 35: 102774.

Y. Asscher. Multispectral imaging as a tool to identify pigments in wall paintings: Pompeii as a case study (Hebrew). Edited by M. Birkenfeld and Y. Garfinkel. (2020). Quantitative Methods for the Study of Ancient Technologies In Digital Archaeology: New Research and Advanced Technologies. Jerusalem: Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Hebrew)

I. Angelini, Y. Asscher, M. Secco, M. Parisatto, G. Artioli. 2019. The pigments of the frigidarium in the Sarno Baths, Pompeii: Identification, stratigraphy and weathering. Journal of Cultural Heritage 40: 309-316


Joel Roskin, Nicolas Benenstein, Yotam Asscher. 2021. Function and development stages of wadi-terrace and field walls in the Nahal Zanoah valley, Judean Foothills, Israel. Judea and Samaria Research Studies.

Joel Roskin, Oren Ackermann ,Yotam Asscher. 2021. Lateral and vertical pulsed-photon portable luminescence (PPSL) profiling of anthropogenically-altered sediments in rescue excavations of different landscapes. EGU21-9335.

Plasters and Mortars

Asscher, Yotam, Aliza van Zuiden, Chen Elimelech, Peter Gendelman, Jacob Sharvit, Michele Secco, Giulia Ricci, and Gilberto Artioli. "Prescreening Hydraulic Lime-Binders for Disordered Calcite in Caesarea Maritima: Characterizing the Chemical Environment Using FTIR." Radiocarbon 62, no. 3 (2020): 527-543. 

Ifat Shapira and Yotam Asscher. Analysis of Plaster from the Winepress Complex at Tel Yavne. Ḥadashot Arkheologiyot— Excavations and Surveys in Israel 133

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